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Vital Greens

It is normally perceived that maintaining a well-balanced diet will provide the nutrients required to lead a healthy, happy life. This would be the case in a perfect world. But in the world that we live in, it is important to use supplements to offset the drawbacks present in today’s world. 

Using supplements like Vital Greens from Australian Vitamins when necessary is a safe way of obtaining the nutrients required by the body. The product is a blend of superfoods rich in nutrients needed by the body. Vital Greens is a carefully balanced mixture of nutritionally rich vegetables, fruits, and greens mixed with powerful antioxidants, herbs, essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals, fibre and digestive enzymes. 

History of Vital Greens 

Vital Greens was initially handmade and used by patients attending a clinic owned by Shane Sullivan and Stephen Sprada in Sydney, Australia. 

Shane (Naturopath and Acupuncturist) and Stephen (Naturopath and Medical Herbalist) started producing the product commercially after increased requests from their patients, their friends, and family, as well as naturopaths and personal trainers. 

Why Use Vital Greens?

Vitamin supplements such as Vital Greens are not meant to replace a healthy diet but rather complement it. It is recommended that users consult a health care expert when on warfarin therapy, lactating or pregnant. 

When correctly used, the product can provide the following benefits:

1) Effectively restore energy and maintain mental health – Vital Greens is a blend of superfoods rich in vitamin B. B vitamins are essential in producing energy in the body and are also needed to metabolize proteins and fats. The product also has nicotine acid, thiamine and pyridoxine HCL that assist in maintaining mental and physical health. 

2) Cleansing your Body – Pollution and processed foods expose your body to toxins. Vital Greens’ ingredients have natural detoxifiers like red beet, wheat grass and green tea that cleanse the liver and colon. Using the supplement on a daily basis can protect your body from food contaminants and pollution. 

3) Complement modern living – This supplement should be consumed with a healthy, balanced diet. Many environmental factors such as pollutants, foods grown in depleted foods and refined foods affect our diets. The supplement provides a nutritional boost to assist the body in spite of what we consume. 

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